The Classic BBQ

$27.50 per person (min 75) + BBQ equipment pack $250 + Team members

  • House made beef burger patties
  • Traditional BBQ sausages
  • BBQ honey, ginger & soy chicken drumettes
  • Potato salad with cauliflower, heirloom radish, sour cream, dill & chives
  • Garden salad with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, herbs & a red wine dressing (GF, Vegan)
  • Pasta salad with Persian feta, mint, pickled lemon, fresh peas & broad beans (V)
  • Mixture of buns and bread for meats
  • Condiments for burgers, lettuce, tomato,
  • Mini chocolate brownies (GF, N)
  • Bio-disposable plates, cutlery & napkins

BBQ Lovers

$38.50 per person (min 25) + BBQ equipment pack $250 + Team members

  • Pulled beef sliders with chipotle slaw & pickles
  • Malaysian prawn satay skewers (N)
  • Lamb and rosemary sausages (GF)
  • Chicken thighs with a pistachio & lemon dukkah (GF) (N)
  • Chorizo with braised lentils & green sauce
  • Marinated Portobello mushrooms with pesto & crumbled feta (GF, V)
  • Potato salad with cauliflower, heirloom radish, sourcream, dill & chives (V)
  • Green beans, sugar snaps, soy beans, asparagus, leek, min, basil, pine nuts, goats cheese & baby spinach with an olive crumb (GF) (V) (GF. V)
  • Chocolate brownies (GF, N)
  • Sliced sourdough & quinoa loaf
  • Tomato sauce, BBQ sauce & mustard
  • Bio-disposable plates, cutlery & napkins

All prices exclude GST
*Chef required