Lunch & Dinner Meals

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These 10 signature hot dishes are available both as individual portions which require heating, or delivered hot on ceramic platters to share. Minimum of 10 people, one meal selection per 5 people.

Hot Lunch & Dinner Meals- $16.50pp
    • Spicy lamb balls with black mole, golden polenta chips & chimichurri (GF)
    • Yellow chicken rice, roasted coconut, spiced yoghurt with green chilli relish (GF)
    • Carne asada of tender flank steak, steamed rice, pumpkin seed sauce (GF)
    • Khao soi, chicken noodle curry with baby corn, snake beans & thai basil (N)
    • Morrocan lamb with golden raisins, harissa & rice & lentil pilaf (GF)
    • BBQ corn on the cob with black mole, golden polenta chips & chimichurri (V) (GF)
    • Yellow lentil & paneer dahl with roti canai & stir fried bok choy (V)
    • Perfectly grilled portabello mushrooms with chilli oil, lightly braised broccoli & lemon squash (V) (GF)
    • Dry red curry of pumpkin, snake beans, lychees with pickled vegetables & steamed brown rice (V) (N) (GF) (VEGAN)
    • Baharat-spiced tofu with falafel, zucchini hummus and quinoa (V) (GF) (VEGAN)


Buffet Package $38.50 per person (minimum of 10 guests)

Select 2 main dishes from above and 2 salads from our classic range below; Sonoma bread rolls, butter and petit fours are included

Classics (reinvented)
  • Greek salad with cucumber, kalamata olives, marinated feta, cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley & a balsamic dressing (GF,V)
  • Herb roasted seasonal vegetables with baby leaf spinach, soy roasted pumpkin seeds & a lemon soy dressing (GF,V)
  • Bocconcini, baby tomatoes, fresh basil, toasted pine nuts & baby mixed leaves with a balsamic dressing (GF,V)
  • Pasta with Persian feta, mint, pickled lemon, fresh peas & broad beans (V)
  • Shredded super slaw with herbs, toasted sesame seeds & a tahini dressing – no mayo (V)
  • Potato salad with cauliflower, heirloom radish, sour cream, dill and chives (V)
  • Baby mozzarella, thyme roasted chickpea & carrots with sun dried tomatoes, black olive tapenade, baby spinach & sesame seeds (GF,V)
  • Beverages

    Thank you. Water, still 600ml(plastic) $3.00
    Thank you. Water, still 1.5L (plastic) $6.90
    Capi Still water 1L (glass) $11.00
    Capi Still water 250ml (glass) $3.50
    Capi Sparkling water 1L (glass) $11.00
    Capi Sparkling water 250ml (glass) $3.50
    Orange Juice 2L $7.50
    Apple Juice 2L $7.50
    Orange or Apple Juice 300ml $3.50
    Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite 1.25L $6.00
    Coffee, tea with milk, sugar and sweetener $5.50pp
    Hot chocolate $5.50pp
  • All prices exclude GST