All Day Packages

Minimum 10 people
Select any 2 Sittings for $20.00pp Or 3 sittings for $25.000pp

Menu 1:
Fresh Fruit Skewer (1) Vietnamese crystal rolls (2)

Menu 2:
Frittata with Moroccan pumpkin, chickpeas and feta (GF,V) (1) Chilterns croissant with double smoked ham, cheddar cheese and tomato – served warm (1)

Menu 3:
Large Muffin (1) Fresh Fruit Skewer(1)

Menu 4:
Black Chia Bowl with coconut, mango and almond milk (GF,Vegan,DF)(1) Mini Muffin (1)

Menu 5:
Mini Brownie (1), Macadamia and Mango Monte Carlo (1)


Menu 1:
Shared Gourmet Salad (1 per 10 pax), Large Vietnamese crystal rolls with chicken and our satay pesto (GF)(2)

Menu 2:
Chilterns Mixed Breads, a mixutre of Sonoma rolls, baguettes, sandwich breads and wraps with gourmet fillings (1.25), Fresh Fruit Skewer (1)

Menu 3:
Chilterns gourmet pies – chicken, beef (1.5) Chilterns Sandwiches (1)

Menu 4:
Baguettes (1), Shared Classic salad (1 per 10 pax)

Menu 5:
Hot Dish – chosen from our delicious range of hot meals (GF) (1)

Menu 6:
Wraps (1.25) and Fruit Skewer (1)


Menu 1:
Fruit Skewer (1) Mini Muffin (1) Brownie (1)

Menu 2:
Assorted tarts & slices (1.5)

Menu 3:
Large Muffin, Chocolate Strawberries (1)

Menu 4:
Chilterns tart with roasted pumpkin, labnah & caramelised onions (V)(1) Vietnamese crystal roll with our coriander pesto (V)(1)

Menu 5:
Tuscan spinach roll with spelt tabouli & a tahini dressing (V) (1) Checkerboard quiche – Pancetta, herb roasted tomato and egg (1)


Thank you. Water, still 600ml(plastic) $3.00
Thank you. Water, still 1.5L (plastic) $6.90
Capi still water 1L (glass) $11.00
Capi Sparkling water 1L (glass) $11.00
Capi still water , 250mL (glass) $3.50
Capi sparking water , 250mL (glass) $3.50
Orange Juice 2L $7.50
Apple Juice 2L $7.50
Orange or Apple Juice 300ml $3.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite 1.25L $6.00
Coffee, tea with milk, sugar and sweetener $5.50pp
Hot chocolate $5.50pp
All prices exclude GST