The Classic BBQ

$27.50 per person (min 75) + BBQ equipment pack $250 + Team members

  • House made beef burger patties
  • Traditional BBQ sausages
  • Potato salad with cauliflower, heirloom radish, sour cream, dill & chives
  • Garden salad with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, herbs & a red wine dressing (GF, Vegan)
  • Mixture of buns and bread for meats
  • Condiments for burgers, lettuce, tomato, beetroot & sliced cheese (V, GF, DF)
  • Tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, mustard, chipotle mayo & our mac sauce
  • Mini chocolate brownies (GF, N)
  • Bio-disposable plates, cutlery & napkins

BBQ Lovers

$38.50 per person (min 25) + BBQ equipment pack $250 + Team members

  •  Angus beef sliders with jack cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato & our mac sauce
  • Cos cups with caramelised chicken, coconut & Thai salsa of mandarin, peanut, pineapple, grapefruit & lime leaf (GF) (N)
  • Lamb and rosemary sausages (GF) (DF)
  • Chicken thighs with a Baby Rays BBQ glaze (GF)(DF)
  • Beef & oregano rissoles with schwarma grilled corn, white & black beans, fresh mint, pickled onion, spring onion & a pistachio green dressing (GF) (DF) (N)
  • Marinated Portobello mushrooms with pesto & crumbled feta (GF, V, N)
  • Potato salad with cauliflower, heirloom radish, sourcream, dill & chives (V)
  • Green beans, sugar snaps, soy beans, asparagus, leek, mint, basil, pine nut, goats cheese & baby spinach with an olive crumb (GF,V)
  • Chocolate brownies (GF, N)
  • Sliced sourdough quinoa loaf with butter
  • Tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, mustard, chipotle aioli & our mac sauce
  • Bio-disposable plates, cutlery & napkins

All prices exclude GST. All menus are subject to change without notice – we strive to use the freshest, locally sourced products and therefore cannot always guarantee the availability of menus as listed online, we update our menus seasonally to avoid this occurring, and will provide an alternative option in the event a menu item is unavailable.
*Chef required