Healthy Catering in Sydney

Healthy Catering

Healthy eating has found its way to corporate catering… finally!

Gone are the days of cheese and ham croissants, cream cakes and cocktail frankfurts! Healthy conscious eating has finally made it to catering. Healthy eating has become popular around the world as people discover the benefits of beautiful tasting recipes utilising healthy ingredients.

Chilterns Catering food ethos really focuses on the best of each seasons’ produce, relying on our own stocks, sauces, classic herbs and native spices. Our food is classic with a contemporary healthy finish utilising wholesome super food ingredients.

Welcome to the world of healthy catering



Traditional corporate catering can resemble food that one would usually find a petrol station at the side of a highway – white bread sandwiches filled with processed cheese and meats & factory made cakes. We have taken traditional catering and turned it on its head, our menu reflects the healthy, delicious, wholesome menu of your local café. We have brought café / restaurant inspired food to deliverable everyday catering.

In addition to health catering, Chilterns also has menus to meet specific dietary requirements including gluten free, diary free and vegan. We have a range of packages and substituted menus that cater to these dietary requirements to make booking for large groups containing special dietary requests easier for the booker when making catering arrangements.

Does healthy mean less taste?

Most definitely not and quite the opposite! By not using overly processed foods, additives or artificial flavours our food relies on fresh produce and dynamic ingredient combinations. Also whole grains and super grains such as quinoa not only add their own flavours to a dish but are the perfect companions to stocks & spices.

Healthy catering does not mean boring, an example of a classic reinvented with a healthy twist is our Chilterns Kale Caesar salad with kalettes a brand-new vegetable, half kale and brussel sprouts adding their sweet, nutty flavour to classic recipe.

This same formula can be applied to our Granola tarts with white chocolate yoghurt. Our home made granola is pressed into tart moulds and baked off, then topped with fresh berries and a white chocolate yoghurt. While you get to enjoy the sweet delight, the foundation of this recipe uses healthy ingredients reimagined.

Another shining example of healthy catering is our Super Food Slaw with shredded kale & vegetables topped with a mix of nuts and seeds and a tahini dressing. A healthy take on a tired old unhealthy classic.

Healthy catering does not only taste better but also looks better. Healthy eating is all about celebrating the raw ingredients with their vibrant colours reflecting the variety in flavours and textures. Book some healthy catering for your next social or corporate event and make a healthy delicious impact on your guests!

See our ‘Salad Bar’ menu here

The healthy benefits…

The major benefits of healthy catering & diet are increased overall health, increased energy & improved digestive health.

Before we look into the above further there are a number of other side benefits to healthy catering such as positive brand positioning. Say you are entertaining clients and you are a health insurance firm – by aligning the brand with healthy catering you are at the same time strengthening your brand promise of ‘Health’ insurance.

You can also increase the productivity of your colleagues and clients by providing them with healthy catering. The whole grains provide slow release energy with fresh fruits and vegetables providing powerful vitamins and antioxidants, all top quality brain fuel.

The benefits far out weigh the cons, largely due to the fact that there are little or no cons to be had! By providing healthy catering you are contributing to the over well being of your friends, family, colleagues or guests by providing them with delicious food that makes them healthy and happy.

So next time you need catering, go healthy and contact one of our team to tailor some catering for your occasion.

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